Brussels Edition

From the 7th until the 15th of May 2010

  • 7th of May : Exhibition “La Fine Equipe” at Lézarts Urbains.
  • 7th – 15th of May : Mural painting at Centre Culturel Jacques Franck.
  • 8th of May : Exhibition “ABC – MACrew – Farm Prod” at BRASS.
  • 9th – 15th of May : Mural painting at Indigo Studio.
  • 11th of May : Film night at BRASS.
  • 13th of May : Exhibition at MONTANA Gallery.
  • 14th of May : Wall inauguration at Indigo Studio.
  • 15th of May : Closing party at Brass

More than 40 artists, Line up :

  • Nulson (BE), Arno (BE), Frett (BE), Klemso (BE), Tony (BE), Guifari (BE), aLèC (BE), Juan (FR), Gokan (FR), Kongo (FR), Lazoo (FR), Sonic (US), Besok (NL), Juice (NL), Ottograph (NL), Beast (NL), Rookie (DE), Twyspa (Gwada), Nywo (Gwada), Myki (Gwada), Yeswoo (Gwada), Rubio (FR), Mercurocrom (FR), Jean L (FR), Nesse (FR), Reab (FR), Morky (NL) Kine (DE), Remed (ES), Pojep (PL), Permanent Unit (AT), Nychos (AT), Tomsta (AT), Made (AT), Lain (CH), Ceet (CN) , Ripo (US), Kool Koor (US), Morka (HR), ATM (NC), Resto (BE), Bue the Warrior (BE), La Fine équipe (BE), Les Peintres du Dimanche (BE), Hell’o Monsters (BE), Denis Meyers (BE), Veuch (BE), Arme (BE)

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  • Montana shop & gallery
    rue de la Madeleine, 19
    1000 Bruxelles

  • Brass
    Avenue Van Volxem, 364
    1190, Brussels

  • Lezarts Urbains
    rue de la victoire, 102
    1060 Brussels

  • Centre Culturel Jacques Franck
    Chaussée de Waterloo, 94
    1060 Brussels

  • Indigo Studio
    Avenue Van Volxem, 388
    1190 Brussels